Preferential treatment without having to sit in a cage all day to wait.

Doggie Day Spa - Without the Wait!

Country Groomer is a full service grooming “day spa” for dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments. Whether you’re a Golden Retriever, German Sheppard, Shih Tzu or somewhere in between, we can help you feel your best with a brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, bath, fluff dry and a styling specially selected just for you.

While you’re receiving preferential treatment you should know that you don’t have to sit in a cage all day to wait for it. You need only be here as long as your grooming, and our convenient location in Barre makes this the perfect spot for your human to run out and do errands or shop. On top of that, if your human wants to leave you with us for the day, we have accommodations for that as well, including a nice stroll and a tasty, healthy snack.

Please take a moment to review our comprehensive services, take advantage of our specials, and contact us for your next grooming. You can also learn more about the long history of Country Groomer.

Welcome to the Country Groomer web site! Please make yourself and your human at home. This site provides information on the grooming services we provide. At Country Groomer you will receive a professional grooming by a certified groomer that includes a bath, pedicure and a styling according to your breed profile. You’ll enjoy your personal spa day, and your human will enjoy watching you prance around and showing off your new “do"! We look forward to grooming you soon!

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